Bookkeeping or Financial Analysis in Sacramento

I’m Zachariah Solomon Gansmann. A Full-Charge Bookkeeper in Sacramento.

Let me handle your Books

Achieve Higher quality Bookkeeping


  • Worked with CEOs to fix millions in unaccounted for transactions
  • Reconciled $10,000,000+ in missing income and expenses
  • Generated and discussed financial documents such as statement of cash flow, P&L, Balance sheet, and statement of equity
  • Delivered statement of financial position to board of directors
  • Manage AP/AR in small businesses
  • Completed payroll work from $1m businesses
  • Assisted in tax preparation work
  • Worked with corporate tax specialist
  • Gained valuable experience bookkeeping here in Sacramento
  • Prevented and detected fraud the month it occurred
  • Compiled and booked over $1,000,000 in mortgages



Private Schools

Law Firms

Real Estate

Retail and Online Retail

+Many more, ask me about it!


Full Charge Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping setup and advice about software

AP/AR management

Financial analysis of your company (Budget creation and monthly statements)

Payroll management

Invoice management

Grant income tracking and management

Debt management

Fixed asset and noncurrent Loan and Receivable management

Forensic review of your accounts

Let me help your business with Bookkeeping

One of the most important aspects of your business is having an accurate view on your finances. Quality bookkeeping will help you If you’re unable to come up with monthly numbers, forecasts, or provide important financial documents.

Your company will work with me and figure out the problems you have related to bookkeeping and you will soon have a completely accurate view on your company’s financial position.

I work diligently every month so every business owner understands the financial state their business is in, and I make sure your books are running without delay.

Small Business Financial Analysis

With my understanding of your finances I will also work with you to come up with a financial plan and budget for your company. I will work with you to generate and explain your important financial documents and numbers and give them to the parties who need them.

You will be able to understand problems in your finances. By running things well I will make your company run more efficiently, which will allow you to expand further and allocate resources to problems that matter.

If you’re a smaller Corporation or a medium sized business I can audit your checks, bank statements, and manage your loan spending and grant spending recording to keep you up to legal code and make sure money is being properly spent as intended.

I’m willing the go the extra mile for your business to make sure your problems are solved quickly and correctly. I will make you confident in your businesses’ finances.

How Outsourced Bookkeeping will help you

Running a business is one of the most time consuming and complicated tasks you can undergo. Many business owners try to run their own books, or hire part time W2 employees to help them out. However, to get the highest quality and most consistent results without having employee liability is to hire somebody who has experience with other businesses and is committed to the industry.

By working with me, you will have the flexibility to fix any issues that come up during any day of the week without having to rely on end of the week employees. You will save money, get higher quality bookkeeping, and enjoy the flexibility I offer.

Sacramento Bookkeeping is my business.

Certified and Experienced, I will Handle any Problem you have

With my professional certificate in Bookkeeping provided by Intuit, and my experience working with high value clients, I will handle any problem your business has related to Bookkeeping. There is no hill too big for me to get you what you need.

I have professional experience in small business Bookkeeping, Corporate Bookkeeping, and Non-profit bookkeeping.

What Accounting Software Do You Use

My accounting software of choice is Sage, Quickbooks and Xero. I would highly recommend all of them. I provide Bookkeeping primarily in the Sacramento and California area, but I have clients as far as Virginia.

Bookkeeping in Sacramento | Why I do what I do

Other than my love for the accounting field, I created this company because I want to service local businesses and build a strong relationship with business owners. There are many low quality Bookkeepers who have caused damage to businesses, so for instance one of my clients told me a story of how their business was paying a bookkeeper for three years and disappeared, refusing to hand over the business’ books for prior year tax returns causing massive problems.

What about taxes?

I have experience in assisting smaller business owners with their taxes, but my suggestion for creating a powerful

financial pipeline is to have a CPA firm handle your tax returns. I will work with them in providing accurate financial

data so they can do their job without having to wait to fix your books.

I have some experience working with CPA firms so I understand what’s expected.

John Edmiston
John Edmiston
Mr Gansmann does the books for our non-profit. He is polite, professional and very capable and he solved a very tricky reconciliation problem that our previous bookkeepers were unable to resolve.

CEO of Cybermissions

Though the businessperson’s head has a hundred eyes, yet there are still not enough for all their duties

– Luca Pacioli, Italian founder of accounting


As the owner, Zachariah Solomon Gansmann, 24, created Solomon Enterprise in to provide high quality bookkeeping in Sacramento and integrated financial analysis to business owners. The financial industry is incredibly fascinating to me and I enjoy every single second of it.


My experience in bookkeeping, though still short, has had incredible achievements. I started with some college and transitioned into getting a professional certificate in bookkeeping. I have serviced clients from $50k to $1m in revenue. I’m in charge of their books, declaring dividends for them and their shareholders, maintaining accurate financial records for the CEO and shareholders, coming up with a monthly financial plan for the company, and generating and explaining important financial documents so they can make the correct financial decisions for their company.

Privacy and Ethics.

As Owner of their own small company I will bring a level of professionalism and importance to your business’s finances that it needs. Unless you agree to share information about your business, I will keep strict confidentiality when you are taken on as my client. Any requests about information about your business will go through the business owner first. I will only operate as the law dictates to the tea. I adhere to the GAAP and will keep your businesses books up to the letter of the law.

Your first consultation is on me