I’m Zachariah. Bookkeeper and Financial analyst

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Why I made this company

I’ve worked diligently to improve my reputation and ability and will continue to do so in the future. I created this Bookkeeping and Financial Analysis company to assist small – mid sized companies fix their financial problems they encounter and improve the way their business’s finances are run. Bookkeeping and Financial analysis is what I genuinely enjoy doing and I hope to continue doing this the rest of my life. I get excitement and thrill when I’m able to assist and show my ability to people who benefit from it. I look forward to working with you in the future.

How am I different?

My company differentiates itself by providing quality financial advice and analysis with the deep information gained from Bookkeeping. You would choose me over my competition or an AI because I will be able to directly help and give advice about your company’s finances, which traditionally would be incredibly expensive since you would have to wait for a regular financial analyst to comb through your books over months, while I deliver solutions and explain problems when they occur.

Are you local?

I’m a locally owned and operated Bookkeeping business in the Sacramento Area. My largest clients are from all over California, but I work with businesses in Sacramento to build this city up and improve the business health of any business, small or large, who wants to work with me. I’ve lived in Sacramento my entire life, and my parents were intently involved with many projects over the history of Sacramento. I love Sacramento and hope to work with businesses who do as well. We know Sacramento together, so let’s work together.

“Little items don’t contribute knowledge to an owner”

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